When two halves make a whole!
As a new Roll & Write game SPLITTER promises a whole new challenge with simple rules and a dash of symmetry. And, as always, without waiting time. One player rolls the dice and everyone writes down the two numbers.

The only rule: The numbers rolled must be entered symmetrically to the center axis. Depending on how cleverly the numbers are placed, the two halves form a whole at the end.

In each round, a player rolls both dice once. Now each player must write down the two numbers on his sheet.

The only rule: The two numbers must be entered symmetrically to the center line. That means: both numbers in the same row with identical distance to the center. Each player is free to decide which of the two numbers is entered on the left and which one on the right of the central line on their gamepad.

If at the end of the game exactly two 2s border directly on each other, then 2 points are scored, if exactly three 3s border directly on each other, then 3 points are scored, and so on.

Star fields double the points scored on them and if the numbers are placed correctly, heart fields give bonus points!

With SPLITTER a new and exciting dice game appears in the program of the Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag GmbH, which is also a lot of fun solo!

For further information call +49 911 96967-0 or send an e-mail info@nsv.de​

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