New dice – more fun!
The world of Qwixx grows and offers with the new version QWIXX LONGO not only a longer score sheet and 8-sided dice, also two unique lucky numbers per player expand the fun of the game. This version preserves the straightforward rules of the original game and still has no downtime. New, longer and as always − simply QWIXX! everyone writes down the two numbers.

Eight-sided dice:
Excitingly new are the eight-sided dice. The additional numbers 7 and 8 extend the fun and allow even higher scores.

Extended color rows:
The color rows in QWIXX LONGO have been extended by the numbers 15 and 16. Now Players can not only collect more points, but also close a color row with only one of the two new numbers.

Lucky numbers:
Each player receives two individual lucky numbers. If the sum of the two white dice results in a lucky number on a player’s sheet, this player may mark the next possible number of the row in which he currently has the fewest crosses instead of the number rolled.

QWIXX LONGO extends the series and the fun of Qwixx and offers not only for fans of the series a new and exciting game experience that lasts longer!

Have fun watching and then playing.


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