Ready for the Island?
You roam across an island in search of fabulous treasures. When you reach a temple or a treasure site, a roll of the die will either reward or curse you! You win some, you lose some… By gathering equipment, you can improve your chances of collecting the shiny loot!
A shared die roll determines how far the players must move across the island. Plan your route carefully, because you have to reach the treasure spaces without getting stuck. Time is also of the essence, because nothing is more frustrating than exploring a temple only to discover that another player already raided it!

Have fun watching and then playing.

For further information call +49 911 96967-0 or send an e-mail info@nsv.de​

Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag GmbH
Forsthausstraße 3-5
D-90768 Fürth-Dambach
E-Mail: info(at)nsv.de


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