DICELAND is a race. DICELAND is totally easy. And DICELAND is entertaining. Nothing has to be calculated, there are no victory points. The first to reach nine treasurefields wins. As usual for our dice games, there are no waiting times. One player rolls the dice and it’s everyones turn. Tension and emotions are guaranteed! A total of four wipeable game plans, printed on both sides, provide a lot of variety. Winning can be so easy!

Order number: 4068 Article number: 08819908067
Content: 4 wipeable game plans, 4 dry wipe marker, 6 dice, 1 rulebook
Weight: 269 g
Packaging Unit: RU: 10 pieces TU: 50 pieces
Dimensions (LxWxH): 197 x 197 x 27 mm
Age: 8+    Players: 2-4    Playing time: 20 min
Author: Andreas Spies and Reinhard Staupe

The complete game rules including pictures can be downloaded here:

Diceland German

Diceland English

  Diceland French

Diceland  Italian

Diceland Spain

Below you can download high resolution pictures suited for print applications.


Press kit

Press kit englisch


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