Clever games for any occasion in small and environmental friendly packing. Just tear them open to start playing! All the materials needed are already included and thanks to the double sided print of the game pad the MINNYS can be played over and over again!

Roll, paint, catch the thread!
Who lays down the thread the smartest to lure the cat to its favorite toy? It‘s all about the bends: You may extend the thread for as many fields as the number on the die shows, but you may only bend it once. Be careful not to knot each other!

Title: Thread Count
Order number: 3608 Item number: 07919902010
Content: 1 game pad, 1 dice, 1 pencil, instructions
Weight: 10 g
Packaging Unit: RU: 10 pieces TU: 1 pieces
Dimensions (LxWxH): 147 x 70 x 13 mm
Age: 8+    Players: 2-6    Playing time: 5 min
Author: Moritz Dressler

The complete game rules including pictures can be downloaded here:

Thread Count englisch

“ These Minnys are explained in 3 minutes and played in 10, so they’re a really good option when you travel or you don’t have to much experience or time. A wonderful packaging idea. “

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