Working together you build a treehouse reaching higher and higher. The task gets more difficult with every step! Since the raven architects schedule has to be met at all costs, the whole thing quickly becomes quite wobbly. But it is possible – if you keep cool and ahve a steady hand! Balance and fine-motor skills – a great building game for kids and grown-ups!

Have fun watching and then playing.

Order number: 4505 Article number: 08019908011
Content: 13 playing cards, 24 wooden game pieces, 1 rulebook
Weight: 152 g
Packaging Unit: RU: 10 pieces TU: 50 pieces
Dimensions (LxWxH): 131 x 100 x 23 mm
Age: 5+    Players: 1-4    Playing time: 10 min
Author: Reinhard Staupe

The complete game rules including pictures can be downloaded here:

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